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Some say I’m always on overdrive. (You know who you are.)

I don’t know about that, but I am definitely a niche software guy. The right mix of hardware, software applications, and growth hacking bots you can become more efficient than 5 people.

Kendall Matthews vice president of global marketing with fellow growth hacker

For example, a few years ago, a friend and I stumbled on a simple niche software tool to that can automate the most repetitious tasks on the web.

I tried to do this with 5 virtual assistants from the Philippines and India. This tool replaced them all and got the job done 100% of the time.

Next, I tried finding graphics that didn’t look like boring stock images.

But I was paying $100 dollars per month.

With the website I found, built on a powerful API, I can do this in five minutes and put the money towards paid media campaigns.

Since I am often asked by executives and startup founders about the software tools I use, I decided to write a No BS resource book. It’s called, The Ultimate Resource Garage: For technology executives & entrepreneurs.

You can get it free … for a limited time. (More about that in a minute.) In this to-the-point resource, you’ll discover:

* The business intelligence resources I use to stay ahead at least 6 months ahead of the competition. Hint: It’s not Google Search.
* The online system I use to manage my split-test and digital heat-maps. This tool has increased my website conversion rate 100 fold.
* A little-known website tool I use to find to create outlines, nested lists and brainstorm ideas.
* The main resource I use that everybody pays taxes on, but no marketing person thinks to use.
* Free software applications I use to edit and upload audio files for my on-demand radio show.
* The utility software I install first on any new computer. It enables me to start applications, find files, and launch workflows.
* A simple background noise application I use to make it seem like I’m at a coffeehouse, even though I’m in the office.
* The online program I use to come up with headline and content ideas.

And over 43 more. I have organized my resources into 6 game-changing categories:

1. Website Development & Demand Generation
2. Personal Development
3. Productivity & Time Management
4. Images & Video Content
5. Business Insights & Big Data
6. Content Marketing Tools

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About the Author:

Winner of three American Marketing Association - Phoenix Spectrum awards, Kendall E. Matthews is a business technology broker and marketing operations leader for companies that want to scale.