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  • Call for retrofit industrial lighting fixtures

What Does LED Stand For? Try $26,282 Saving Per Year

What does LED Stand for with regards to commercial property? For some facility managers, it stands for $26,282* of savings per year on commercial industrial lighting, electricity, and maintenance. Energy bills to a business [...]

  • How to become a music producer - The Mark Peterson Journey

How to Become a Music Producer – The Mark Peterson Journey

When you were young, did you play an instrument? I played the piano. Well, it was closer to practiced a few times. But my cousin, Mark Peterson, CEO of MPM Entertainment... he was fantastic. If [...]

  • Create a Smart City Challenge with Dominic Papa

How Dominic Papa Makes a Smart City Challenge Work

Have you noticed that real estate construction is happening again? All around the Phoenix, Arizona cranes and crews are building. But for this boom, the Valley of the Sun is focusing on economic diversification through [...]

  • Learn time management activities that will get you ready for success

NFL Pittsburgh Steeler Chukky Okobi on Life Hacking and Time Management Activities

Did you know that human beings are the only organism that can choose to not to live up to their potential?   I was floored when former NFL Pittsburgh Steeler Chukky Okobi dropped this line [...]

  • How to Achieve a Goal with Willie Fells

How to Achieve a Goal that Changes Your Life

Have you ever heard of the hero's journey? It's a story formula made famous by the original Star Wars movie, "A New Hope." Typically, it goes... The main character's life is going well. Something drastic [...]

  • What is a mentor? Dr. Will Moreland explains

What is a Mentor? Only The Best Person You’ll Ever Meet

Statistics show that mentoring can increase managerial productivity by 88%. That's great news. Yet the next question to ask is, "what is a mentor?" Is it a corporate mentoring program? Is it something you should create [...]

  • Learn how to be happy with Ali Azhar

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On How To Be Happy!

If Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks uses three fundamental rules for running all of his businesses, then Ali Azhar, vice president of sales for GoodData, has three keys on how to [...]

  • Michelle Micalizzi - Business Consultant Services

Finally Execute Projects Your Small Business Services Consultant Gave You

Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish there were more hours in the day or days in the week!" or "I wish I could clone myself!" Michele Micalizzi, Owner of Fearlessly Deliver, LLC, a [...]

  • How to overcome fear with Tim Story and Lewis Howes

How to Overcome Fear with Tim Storey

Have you noticed what all great people credit as their most influential turning points? It is the times when they get knocked down. How they dealt with challenging experiences. But it's not just because they [...]

  • Pamela Slim, author of Escape from Cubicle Nation & Body of Work

Career Planning Lessons with Pamela Slim

Do you know how long you're going to stay at your current job? If you're doing any career planning, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the answer is around 4.6 years. Pamela Slim,  career and organizational [...]

  • LIncoln Murphy insights on his personal customer journey map

Before The Customer Journey Map with Lincoln Murphy

According to research, most founders of second companies put more emphasis on customer success. The product is critical, sales are always urgent, yet the customer journey is important. In a recent Forbes article , Jason Lemkin, [...]

  • How to be a actor - Hard work and right place

How To Break Into Hollywood with Actor Karnell Matthews

"Everybody wants to be famous," said entertainer Kevin Hart, "But nobody wants to put the work." However, since his first acting job on "Malcom In The Middle" Karnell Matthews has been putting in work. From Safeco [...]

  • Justin Topliff - product marketing manager

What Justin Topliff Can Teach You About Product Marketing Manager Career Success

Do you still have your high school yearbook? Chances are Jostens Yearbooks and Justin Topliff sold it to you. From speaking in Dublin, Ireland to consulting in Chandler, Arizona, Justin Topliff knows startups. He is [...]

  • Graphic designing services by Russ Perry

How to Disrupt Graphic Designing Services with Russ Perry

The graphic designing services industry is changing. Russ Perry, CEO of Design Pickle is leading the charge for on-demand design for marketing teams. For over 10 years,  he has been involved in branding and marketing [...]

  • Chris Ronzio Startup Coach

How Chris Ronzio Sold His Video Production Company To Become a StartUp Business Coach

From bag boy to organizational expert, Chris Ronzio has learned how to scale businesses. After selling video production company, he now shares practical steps for growth-focused startup founders. Listen to the organization and efficiency expert [...]

Internet Marketing CEO Mike Arce of Loud Rumor

Loud Rumor started out in a garage as a web design company in 2009 before moving exclusively to internet marketing. CEO Mike Arce soon added services like SEO and PPC, to be able to help [...]

  • Check out LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman's book,

LinkedIn Marketing Mastermind Ben Faw

Next to local networking, LinkedIn marketing is one of the most cost-effective B2B activities you should be doing today. I had a chance to interview my friend Ben Faw, account executive for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, [...]

  • Startups must focus on revenue with Zach Ferress

Startups Must Focus on Money with Zach Ferres

Have you ever heard some business guru say, “Startups should focus on growth, not revenue.” Well, let’s change that and say focus on both. Zach Ferress is the CEO of Coplex, an interactive design and [...]

How I Built A Tutoring Business In High School

Have you ever heard the saying, “The children are the future.” Well, let’s change that and say how about an education tutoring business is the future.   Most recent college grads craft hundreds of resume [...]