What Is Social Networking Really Good For Anyway?

One of the worst things about professional social networking online is that most people are doing it wrong. And they don’t even know it.

But when they use Facebook or Twitter for their personal life, you better look out. Those passionate fingers beat the keyboard and hit the post button. Then oops… you’re fired!

Here’s a hint…

You need to understand that you don’t OWN your profile, the platform that you’re using does. And you need to think of it more like social networking.

  • Not a digital marketing platform to just post content about how great your content is.
  • Or a private vault that only your “friends” will see.
  • Not a sanctuary for trolls or haters.

When you go online to a networking platform, think of it like you’re going to The Biltmore Networking Group. Shahpar Shahpar is the founder of this popular Phoenix, Arizona meet-up group.

It’s the must-go-to event every month.

You and I may meet at the Embassy Suites to chat. Others might join in on the conversation. Videos are taken. And pictures are shared. But we are still professional, yet have fun with exchanging ideas.

In the paragraph above replace Embassy Suites with the word Facebook.

It’s the must-go-to online platform you’re friends visit 13.8 times a day.

Recently, I did a video interview with Francisco Xavier, Host of Entrepreneurs ‘N Fuego. He is also the CEO/Founder of The Office Pile co-working space in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We discuss the number one thing most entrepreneurs get wrong with social networking today. And what to avoid if you want to grow your business or raise money.

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But it all comes down to one word.

It’s the word that Andy Frisella, founder of the MFCEO Project, used when he finally meet IRL (in real life) digital media expert Gary Vaynerchuk.


If you want to grow your career. You must have deeper relationships with people who make things happen.

And deep relationships happen when you stop posting and pick up the phone.


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About the Author:

Winner of three American Marketing Association - Phoenix Spectrum awards, Kendall E. Matthews is a business technology broker and marketing operations leader for companies that want to scale.