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Kendall Matthews’ 5 Steps to Results Methodology


If you’re not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you’re determined to grow no one can stop you. Keep learning.


If we ever work together, you’ll often hear me say,”There is no rush to mediocrity.” Build in more preparation time.


Simply follow the details. Don’t work tired. Have someone else handle quality assurance. Then it all might just work.


Create radically different versions of concepts. The best ideas should win. Not the person with the highest title.


Results matter. Not intention. You’ll never be okay with your doctor saying, “I did the best that I could.” #RampUp

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Some Words From Clients, Co-Workers, & Partners

Kendall is absolutely terrific in his responsiveness, attention to detail and relentless drive to achieve practical business results. Kendall’s big-picture perspective, innate intelligence, and professional integrity compel him to constantly set high expectations for himself, his staff, and for the company.
Kendall’s generosity to help those following a similar path is inspiring. His instinct to ask the right questions has a way of easily guiding the conversation with ease. I appreciate the feedback and recommendations given by Kendall that have allowed us to guide some important next steps decisions in our strategic planning efforts.
Kendall achieves continually. His professional and analytical approach helps drive significantly improved results in our organization. We have benefitted operationally and culturally from his data-driven decisioning, yet Kendall understands how to motivate and guide employees to achieve to his standard.
Mark White, IT Leader
I reached out to Kendall for a casual chat about global marketing and got so much more than that in return. An hour visit with him turned into an inspiring, motivational session that fueled my creativity to take action to thrive in my career. He opened my eyes to new ways of approaching marketing strategy and made the concept of “global SEO” sound so simple. In a nutshell, he inspired me to learn, but most importantly, to execute.

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