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Kendall Matthews with Mike Volpe CMO of Hubspot at Inbound Conference

Kendall Matthews with Mike Volpe, CMO of Hubspot, at Inbound in Boston.

Kendall Matthews with Annie Cushing Founder of Annielytics at MozCon

Kendall Matthews with Annie Cushing, CEO/Founder of Annielytics, at MozCon in Washington.

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Since 1994, I’ve answered thousands of questions from friends, family, and colleagues. Now, instead of repeating myself, I’ve decided to put my answers down on digital paper. For example, recently a founder/CEO of startup niche software company asked me, “How do I hire a good employee?” I told her 3 things that I always look for and said to read this…

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“If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you have time to do it over?” said John Wooden, 10 time NCAA basketball national championship head coach at UCLA. This is one my all-time favorites quotes. When I work with my team on under tight-deadlines and priorities that shift like the sand, I remind them that as long as they’re working with me, there will be no rush to mediocrity.

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