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Learn about new technology resources and how to integrate them into your business strategy to win big.

Hi! I’m Kendall E. Matthews

I’m here to show you through technology solutions reviews and my own digital marketing experiments exactly how you can increase team member efficiency and scale multi-location business operations. And I’ll tell you the local and national partner resources that can make it all happen.

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Similar to an independent insurance broker who provides options for insurance policies, my team connects you to the best technology resources for your business.

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Some Words From Coworkers, Clients, & Connections

Kendall’s big-picture perspective and professional integrity compel him to constantly set high expectations for himself and his staff.
I appreciate the recommendations given by Kendall to guide our strategic planning efforts.
Kendall understands how to motivate and guide employees to achieve high standards.
Mark White, IT Leader
In a nutshell, Kendall Matthews inspired me to learn, but most importantly, to execute.